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Colin and Niall have a great understanding of how things work within a given space. We were lucky to have found C&N.
We have a dormer house and we were having a 2 story extension added at the back. C&N did the dividing walls inside of the extension, added an ensuite bathroom, a laundry closet and the roofing and slate work. Part of the roof work involved breaking through an existing roof to join it up with the new. It was quite testing but they did a great job and I was amazed at how quickly they were able to do it. The slate work on the extension matches up so well that people have told me that it looks like it was part of the original house.
We live in Ardrahan and my husband went to a local carpenter to see if he could carry out the work. As it turned out, he couldn't but he recommended C&N to us. When he recommends someone you can trust him because he is extremely conscientious and leaves no detail unfinished. Colin and Niall walked through what needed to be done and the project was started. We were lucky to have found C&N.
I had plans already in place.
They suggested lots. We had two walk in wardrobes in the bedrooms and they made the suggestion that they could be converted into a single, ensuite bathroom between both rooms. I also had some dead space upstairs around some pipes that had been useless. They were able to turn it into a small laundry closet. Their ideas hadn't been in the architects plans but they had the knowledge and foresite to see an opportunity by looking at the available space. Everything Colin and Niall suggested turned out a treat!
Great! They were extremely punctual and arrived at the house every morning at ten to eight. Everything from breaks to work was done on a strict schedule. Colin and Niall were neat in their work and very nice and considerate which was important because we were living in the house during the project. I couldn't find fault with anything and the work was excellent.
All of it really but the best part was the ideas they came up with. As a result of their input, I now have an ensuite bathroom between 2 bedrooms that I hadn't expected. I have an extra laundry closet upstairs I wasn't expecting either. They have a great understanding of how things can work within a given space.
The speed with which they were able to complete the project was a big factor as we were living in the house at the time and completing the project as quickly as possible was a must. Colin and Niall really understood our situation and were able to accommodate us despite the weather being so poor.
I would yes, without a doubt. Of all the people we've had in the house working, they were the most courteous, punctual and they stuck to their word. I couldn't believe they could do such a good job. Colin and Niall have such a commitment to their work, it's incredible.
Theresa Gardiner

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C&N ... kept a firm hand on the practicalities and knew how to resolve any problems as they arose.
Sean Owens
They will measure and they will tell you exactly what it'll cost and that's what it costs. The price is the price.
Mrs Brown
Colin and Niall have a great understanding of how things work within a given space. We were lucky to have found C&N.
Theresa Gardiner