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C&N ... kept a firm hand on the practicalities and knew how to resolve any problems as they arose.
All the carpentry in the house including the roof work, laying a 2,800 square foot timber floor, fitting skirting, hanging doors, and building shelving. They also did a balcony in a bespoke design in teak. Basically, all timber work except the kitchen.
My builder introduced me to them. So, I met Colin and was taken with the quality of their work. Colin was very amenable and approachable and his price was fair and reasonable.
My builder has a reputation that's second to none. So obviously he wouldn't recommend subcontractors that had a different work ethos to his own.
We did in that we had architects' plans. We had also picked all the timber for the floor and had an unusual floor design that you probably won't see anywhere else.
Colin came up with a lot of the practical design solutions that enhanced the quality of the design and the finished product.
Their workmanship was of a high standard, but they also recognised the importance of liaising with the customer. C&N were able to follow the architects' plans, kept a firm hand on the practicalities and knew how to resolve any problems as they arose.
C&N laid 2,800 sq foot of floor, and there isn't a single creak in any of the floors upstairs or downstairs. There isn't a single creak in any of the doors they hung either. They did everything that was asked of them. I wouldn't fault them. Put it this way, in the snag list there was nothing to do with carpentry.
Their price was fair and reasonable. They carried out the work without any delay, they were efficient.
The other benefit was their flexibility. C&N can do the detailed carpentry where a high standard of finish is required like shelving. They could also do heavy carpentry like roofing. There's not many companies than can do that range of work.
I would of course, absolutely, without hesitation.
They had to undertake a lot of unusual and difficult jobs and they did them without any problem. They had to lay skirting on a curved wall. They had to lay a floor that wasn't a conventional rectangular shape. They had to undertake the roofing that wasn't a design they hadn't come across before. It was a PVC membrane with marine ply underlay. The stairs was a concrete and they come up with all the solutions how the stairs could be dressed properly.
Sean Owens

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C&N ... kept a firm hand on the practicalities and knew how to resolve any problems as they arose.
Sean Owens
They will measure and they will tell you exactly what it'll cost and that's what it costs. The price is the price.
Mrs Brown
Colin and Niall have a great understanding of how things work within a given space. We were lucky to have found C&N.
Theresa Gardiner